Our Company

Tropikcar is a trademark of Totperfums, a company created in 2009 with the aim of manufacturing and distributing perfume and ambience products.

Over time we have adapted to the fast changes that have occurred in the markets of our products, opting for specialization in new products with high rotation, and focusing on markets and more specific sales channels.

Our origin and knowledge of the perfume world endorses us in the creation of the most exquisite essential compositions, with which we elaborate all our lines of air fresheners.

Our distinguishing factor at a glance, is that beyond taking care of the collections of fragrances in which we have all our products, we work on the appearance and design of them to achieve a double attribute “Olfactory – Decorative” for our air fresheners, thanks to what which we clearly distinguish ourselves from our competitors.

We have specialized personnel with extensive experience in foreign trade, which allows you to import the components we use in the development of our products at very favorable costs.

The long transit times of maritime transport are compensated by the necessary investments that assure us a continuous flow of stock without breakages.

In this way we avoid unnecessary stoppages in the supply chain without prejudice to have a controlled stock of components at all times, which favors our reinvestment capacity of capital and, as a result, ensures the competitiveness of our company.

Today we can say that the success of TropikCar lies in a management capacity more typical of large companies, but carried out with a reduced staff structure and with the advantages of our knowhow in the perfumery sector and thanks to our ability in international trade operations.

All this allows us to put our products in almost any market, with a competitive quality-price ratio from the first moment.